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Nyitólap » 2017 » Január/January » 31 » Andy Roberts - Nina And The Dream Tree (1971/2005) Cool Sound Records
Andy Roberts - Nina And The Dream Tree (1971/2005) Cool Sound Records
320 kb/s
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Kategória: Folk-rock | Megtekintések száma: 356 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
A beautiful album, full of atmosphere and haunting music. Andrew "Andy" Roberts (born 12 June 1946) is an English musician, was born in Harrow, Middlesex, England and won a violin scholarship to Felsted School. He then attended Liverpool University. He has played with The Liverpool Scene, Plainsong, The Scaffold, Roy Harper, Chris Spedding, Pink Floyd, Hank Wangford, Kevin Ayers, Vivian Stanshall and Grimms. 
Her second solo album 'Nina And The Dream Tree' its agreeable brand of gentle British folk-rock, but also a departure in several notable respects. Most unusually, there were just five tracks this time around, although one of them ("25 Hours a Day/Breakdown/Welcome Home") was more a combination of songs than a completely separate entity. Also, there was more of a piano base that pushed the record a little away from standard British folk-rock and more toward the early '70s singer/songwriter school. Some of the tunes, for instance, are reminiscent of Elton John's early work (though with a less strident, consciously pop air), parts of "Keep My Children Warm" and "Dream Tree Sequence" adding a muted gospel-soul feel in the backup vocals and arrangements. Sometimes the compositions do go on too long the closing "Dream Tree Sequence" lasts a good 15 minutes and "Good Time Charlie" is a fairly forgettable, you guessed it, good-time blues-folk-rocker. But at its best, as in the haunting "I've Seen the Movie," there's a delicate wistfulness that will spark unavoidable comparison to some of Iain Matthews' early work, particularly since Matthews and Roberts would soon team up in Plainsong. Roberts is perhaps too low-key to ever generate a wide cult following, but his early work deserves hearing by fans of the early-'70s British folk-rock/singer/songwriter crossover sound, this outing included.

01. Keep My Children Warm 4:56
02. I've Seen The Movie 5:40
03. 25 Hours A Day / Breakdown / Welcome Home 7:34
04. Good Time Charlie (John Koerner) 2:48
05. Dream Tree Sequence 15:34

Andy Roberts - vocals, guitar, organ (03), tin whistle (05)
Dave Richards - bass guitar (01-05), piano (01-03), backing vocals (01), vocals (04)
Carol Grimes, Charlene Collins - backing vocals (01)
Ray Warleigh - alto saxophone (01)
Robert Kirby - string arrangements (02)
Gerry Conway - drums (02)
Kathy Kissoon, Mac Kissoon - backing vocals (03,05)
Mike London - backing vocals (03)
John Pearson - drums (03,04)
Iain Matthews - backing vocals (05)
Zoot Money - piano (05), organ (05)
Roger Powell - drums (05), congas (05), tambourine (05)


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