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Nyitólap » 2016 » Június/June » 22 » Billy Sherwood - Archived (2016) D.I.Y. Records
Billy Sherwood - Archived (2016) D.I.Y. Records

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Kategória: Progressive rock | Megtekintések száma: 404 | Hozzáadta: dali300
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Willian Wyman SHERWOOD was born in 1965 is La Vegas Nevada. Given his musical family (his father was the leader of a big band, his mother a drummer), it is no surprise that his life also revolves around music.

As a teenager, he joined the band LODGIC, which was formed by his brother and friends. The band moved to Los Angeles, and by 1986, they had released their first album, Nomadic Sands. SHERWOOD then moved on, and formed the band WORLD TRADE, whose debut album in 1990 had a strong resemblance to the recent work of YES.

In the 1990s, SHERWOOD worked quite a bit as a producer/engineer. In 1992, he wrote The More We Live - Let Go with Chris SQUIRE, and produced and played on the track for the Union album. He and SQUIRE formed the group CONSPIRACY in 2000, and released 2 studio albums. SHERWOOD's relationship with YES continues to this day, having toured as a member of the band on tours and albums. In 2015, with the sad news of Chris SQUIRE's death, SHERWOOD became the full time bassist for YES.

SHERWOOD's solo career began in 1999, with the album Big Peace, and has continued with more than a half a dozen albums since.


01: Never Enough
02: Life’s Carousel
03: Out of Mind
04: Breaking the Cycle
05: Archived
06: Empathy
07: Moment of Clarity
08: Right On Track
09: Go No Go
10: Get a Life
11: I am

Billy Sherwood - All instruments and vocals


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