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Nyitólap » 2015 » Szeptember/September » 19 » CCS - A's, B's & Rarities (2004) EMI Gold
CCS - A's, B's & Rarities (2004) EMI Gold
MP3/320 Kb/s
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Kategória: Rock | Megtekintések száma: 583 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
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Collective Consciousness Society, more commonly known as CCS, were a British
musical group, led by blues guitarist Alexis Korner.
Formed in 1970 by musical director John Cameron and record producer Mickie Most,
CCS consisted largely of session musicians, and was created primarily as a recording
outfit. The personnel also included Peter Thorup, vocals; Alan Parker, guitar; Harold
McNair, flute; Herbie Flowers, bass; Roger Coulam, keyboards; Barry Morgan, drums;
plus Don Lusher and Bill Geldard, trombone. Some of the musicians were also members
of Blue Mink.
It seems strange to see the output of Mickie Most's RAK label finally being taken
seriously by record labels as well as collectors, 30-plus years after the imprint established
itself as the epitome of disposable pop tunes. Yet EMI's ongoing As, Bs & Rarities series
offers nothing less than the same thorough treatment that any other, more hallowed, label
could expect. The format is essentially the same throughout: a gathering up of every RAK
single (A-sides and B-sides) released by a given band, with the remainder of the CD filled
with choice outtakes and oddities which, in CCS' case, covers a lot of territories. From
the band's opening shot (and hit), a spectral cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love,"
and on through such off-kilter delights as "Brother," "Walking," and the quite salacious
"Tap Turns On the Water," CCS maintained a dignified but often unsettling role in the
U.K. charts of the early '70s. Neither did the magic cease when the records stopped
selling -- their first-ever flop, 1972's "16 Tons," offers up a near-definitive rendition of that
jolly old chestbeater. Seven straight singles plug the bulk of this collection, with the Bsides
(a superlative rendition of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom" among them)
frequently sounding as great as the hits. From there, five tracks highlight CCS' three
original albums, before two superlative, and previously unissued, outtakes close the set.
The sleeve notes make the point that, of all the music that main man Alexis Korner made
throughout his career, CCS is frequently overlooked by the repackagers. This collection
goes a long way toward remedying that oversight and might, if listeners are really lucky,
even lead to reissues for the original LPs themselves.
1. Whole Lotta Love Page/Plant/Jones/Bo 3:35
2. Boom Boom Hooker 3:36
3. Walking Leitch 3:13
4. Salome Korner/Cameron 3:05
5. Tap Turns on the Water Cameron/Korner 3:43
6. Save the World Cameron 4:02
7. Brother Cameron/Korner 3:26
8. Mister What You Can't Have I Can Get Cameron 4:10
9. Sixteen Tons Travis 2:57
10. This Is My Life Thorup/Korner 4:26
11. The Band Played the Boogie Reedman/Jarratt 3:37
12. Hang It on Me Cameron 4:00
13. Hurricane Coming Scott 3:18
14. Dragster Cameron/Hayes 3:14
15. Sunrise Korner 5:16
16. Wade in the Water Cameron 2:57
17. Hundred Highways Cameron 3:50
18. Primitive Love Chinn/Chapman 3:16
19. I Want You Back Corporation 3:44
20. Blues 2:48
21. If I Never Sing Another Song 1:44


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