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Nyitólap » 2015 » Október/October » 7 » Chuck Brown - Your Game...Live at the 9:30 Club (2001) Raw Venture Records & Tapes
Chuck Brown - Your Game...Live at the 9:30 Club (2001) Raw Venture Records & Tapes

FLAC / 320 kb/s
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Kategória: Rhythm and Blues | Megtekintések száma: 753 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 2
Perhaps no musician more defines a city and a sound than Chuck Brown does Washington, D.C. and go-go. At the age of 67, the godfather of go-go has entertained three generations and still plays to thousands of fans at least three times a week in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia triangle. Go-go is the same age as hip-hop, and shares all of its urban bombast, but it's a live-band thing, and a community thing too. When disco DJs threatened to displace cabaret bands in the '70s, Chuck invented the kinetic, syncopated go-go backbeat and put together continuous funkified sets of originals and covers linked by generous crowd shout-outs and sizzling percussive breakdowns. This recent set, featuring appearances by Trouble Funk and Rare Essence luminaries, has it all: Chuck's exquisite baritone, brilliant musicianship, go-gofied hip-hop, blues and jazz, and breakbeats you can fit a trailer into. If you don't know anything about go-go or Chuck, Your Game...Live At The 9:30 Club might the best introduction you're ever likely to hear. It's definitely one of the best records of 2001. Special bonus: the multimedia enhancements include two videos that put you right in the middle of all the go-go action. ~ Jeff Chang


01 - Wind Me Up Chuck / Hoochie Coochie Man
02 - Feel Like Movin' That Body
03 - Chameleon
04 - Get Your Hands Up / Playing Your Game
05 - It's Love (feat. Cherie Mitchell)
06 - 2001 (That'll Work)
07 - People Make The World Go Round
08 - Wind Us Up Funk & Benny
09 - One On One (feat. Jas Funk/Little Benny)
10 - Hey Go Go Mickey
11 - No Diggy (feat. Big Tony)
12 - Do You Know What Time It Is (feat. Andre "Whiteboy" Johnson)
13 - Go Go Swing Outro (feat. Big Tony)/Jas Funk/Little Benny)
14 - Hah Man (Sinbad, Main Title)


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