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Nyitólap » 2015 » Február/February » 18 » David Dyson - Unleashed (2008) CDBaby
David Dyson - Unleashed (2008) CDBaby

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Kategória: Jazz | Megtekintések száma: 449 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
Right from the get-go, we are hit square in the jaw with David's deep pocket and Funky-as-it-gets grooves. Part of David's unique voice comes from his unusual right hand technique (watch the Vid's or ask him yourself via this website!). He has really captured a unique sound and perfect balance of the rhythmic booty factor and melodic statement.
While the production and instrumentation is a little Marcus-esque, the playing and over-all statement is all David. Beautiful melodies, nice compositions and some nasty pocket.

Guest musicians featured- Russell Gunn, Rick Braun, Marshall Keys, Vince Evans, Eric Valentine, Jay Jay Williams, Dwight Sills, Alvin White, PJ Morgan, Will Rast, Justin Young, Fred Yonnet, Lorenzo Johnson, Bryan Mills, & Deandre Schaifer

David has previously occupied the bass seat with artists "Chuck Brown", "Jonathan Butler", "Me'shell N'degeocello", "New Kids On The Block", Kirk Whallum to name a few and is currently with "Lalah Hathaway" & "Pieces Of A Dream", but does spot dates and studio work with various other artists as well. Fast gaining a reputation as a producer/songwriter(checkout "Pieces Of A Dream's" previous releases "No Assembly Required", their upcoming february release "Soul Intention" and "Tim Hagan's" grammy nominated "Animation/Imagination" as well as Hagans/Belden Band's "Animation Live"), David continues to grow as one of today's most prolific artists. ~ Review by Damian Erskine-Bass Musician Magazine


01 - The Lion's Den
02 - Forever Is Now
03 - Lovely One
04 - French Toast
05 - Hot Sauce
06 - Coco's Butter Cafe
07 - Unleashed!
08 - Quick Witted
09 - Southern Fried Go Go
10 - New Horizons
11 - One Skittle
12 - The Grey Zone
13 - The Dream
14 - That's It, That's All
15 - Quick Witted [Go Go Remix]
16 - Hot Sauce-Extra Spicy


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