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Nyitólap » 2016 » Április/April » 24 » Diesel - Let It Fly (2013) Liberation Music
Diesel - Let It Fly (2013) Liberation Music
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Kategória: Rock | Megtekintések száma: 281 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 3

Mark Denis Lizotte, (born 31 May 1966, Fall River, Massachusetts, United States) is an American-born Australian musician, who has released material as leader of Johnny Diesel & the Injectors, under his birth name, or by the pseudonym Diesel. Two of his albums reached No. 1 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Albums Charts, Hepfidelity in 1992 and The Lobbyist in 1993.
Since 1987, Diesel has played on several albums by well-known Australian rock singer and brother-in-law, Jimmy Barnes. Although better known as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Diesel is also competent on bass guitar, drums, percussion and keyboards; and has also produced an album by Richard Clapton and one by Vika and Linda Bull. He has won five ARIA Music Awards with three for 'Best Male Artist' in 1993, 1994 and 1995.
"Let it Fly" is a studio album by Australian musician, Diesel and his first studio set of originals since 2008 and features his 18 year-old daughter Lila Gold on "If You Let Me Give". On the album, Diesel said "It's all of my life's work so far brought to fruition, in many ways. It’s pretty encompassing. There's a lot of stuff I've never tried before either – like, there are folk elements that are quite different for me ... I guess when you start using mandolin and fiddle, it’s gonna happen!"
Diesel promoted the album in July/August 2013 with a series of 'Fans First' shows, where he showcased the new material followed by a Q&A session. He then toured the album nationally from October 2013 and concluded in May 2014 in Geelong.

01. Moneymaker (2:58)
02. By Your Throne (3:13)
03. One Phone Call (3:46)
04. Cupid's Embrace (2:57)
05. Last Shower (Feat. Tim Chaisson) (3:40)
06. Let It Fly (4:29)
07. Sound Of Guitar (Feat. Blokonut Choir Of Men) (4:21)
08. If You Let Me Give (Feat. Lila Gold) (3:01)
09. No Time Tonight (3:19)
10. Navigate (4:03)
11. Can't Feel You (3:01)
12. The Miles (4:11)


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