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Nyitólap » 2016 » Október/October » 7 » Graham Parker and The Rumour - Squeezing Out Sparks (1979/2001) Mercury
Graham Parker and The Rumour - Squeezing Out Sparks (1979/2001) Mercury
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Graham Parker (born 18 November 1950) is an English singer-songwriter, who is best known as the lead singer of the popular British band Graham Parker & the Rumour.
Squeezing Out Sparks is the fourth studio album by English musician Graham Parker and his band the Rumour. It was voted album of the year in the 1979. The album #334 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. 

1. Discovering Japan 3:24
2. Local Girls 3:33
3. Nobody Hurts You 3:37
4. You Can't Be Too Strong 3:13
5. Passion Is No Ordinary Word 4:23
6. Saturday Nite Is Dead 3:15
7. Love Gets You Twisted 2:57
8. Protection 3:49
9. Waiting For The UFO's 3:05
10. Don't Get Excited 3:00
11. Mercury Poisoning 3:07
12. I Want You Back (Berry Gordy, Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards) 3:19

Graham Parker - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Brinsley Schwarz - guitar, backing vocals
Martin Belmont - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Bob Andrews - keyboards, backing vocals
Steve Goulding - drums, backing vocals
Andrew Bodnar - bass


Graham Parker and The Rumour - Howlin Wind (1976/2001) Mercury

Howlin' Wind is the debut album by Graham Parker and The Rumour, released in 1976 to critical acclaim. The Rumour are mainly former pub rock scene musicians, including guitarist Brinsley Schwarz and keyboardist Bob Andrews of the band Brinsley Schwarz; Parker's recent jobs included pumping gas at a filling station. The music is blend of rock and roll, R&B, reggae, and folk music, behind Parker's searingly intelligent lyrics and passionate vocals. Critics likened Parker's spirit to British punk rock, then in its early stage, and retrospectively to that of singer-songwriters Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, who would release their debut records within a few years of Howlin' Wind.

1. White Honey 3:32
2. Nothin's Gonna Pull Us Apart 3:20
3. Silly Thing 2:53
4. Gypsy Blood 4:35
5. Between You And Me 2:24
6. Back To Schooldays 2:53
7. Soul Shoes 3:12
8. Lady Doctor 2:50
9. You've Got To Be Kidding 3:27
10. Howlin' Wind 3:55
11. Not If It Pleases Me 3:10
12. Don't Ask Me Questions 5:36
13. I'm Gonna Use It Now 3:04

Graham Parker – vocals, acoustic guitar, Fender rhythm guitar (10)
The Rumour:
Brinsley Schwarz – guitar, Hammond organ, 2nd tenor saxophone, backing vocals
Bob Andrews – Lowrey organ, Hammond organ, piano, backing vocals
Martin Belmont – guitar, backing vocals
Andrew Bodnar – Fender bass
Steve Goulding – drums, backing vocals

Brass section:
Stewart Lynas – brass arrangement, alto saxophone (8)
Hershall Holder – trumpet
Dave Conners – 1st tenor saxophone
Danny Ellis – trombone
John "Viscount" Earle – baritone saxophone
Noel Brown – slide guitar (6), dobro (11)
Dave Edmunds – rockabilly guitar (6)
Ed Deane – slide guitar (7)


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