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Nyitólap » 2015 » Április/April » 8 » Innes Sibun - Honey Pot (1996) Viceroy Music
Innes Sibun - Honey Pot (1996) Viceroy Music

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Kategória: Blues-rock | Megtekintések száma: 486 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
Marvellously-named British blueser Innes Sibun played with Robert Plant in the early '90s, releasing a slew of blues-orientated solo albums both before and since. His 1996 release, Honey Pot is yer classic blues-rock effort, crammed with Sibun's Stratocaster riffology and every blues trick in the book, in the best possible way. Top tracks? My preference is for the lengthy, jammed-out Don't Keep Me Hanging On (no, not that one), but nothing here appals. Why so long, though? Believe it or not, one can actually have too much of the blues.

Richard Stubbings (briefly, a member of the wonderful Stackridge in the late '90s) plays keys, including credited Mellotron. I was all for saying, "Yeah, right", but the cellos (complete with 'low-note rasp', from the handful of double bass notes at the bottom of the keyboard) on We Had It All simply weren't available in inauthentic form at the time, unless they were direct user-samples, of course, while the suitable warbly strings and cellos on the balladic Hold On To Me are pretty convincing. Does this say anything new? Of course it doesn't, but it says something old as well as anyone else in the field. Faults? It could easily have been fifteen minutes shorter, but then, it wouldn't be me who had to decide which songs to drop.


01 - River Song
02 - You Got Me Falling
03 - Always Here For You
04 - Sandy
05 - We Had It All
06 - After The Rain
07 - Whipping Boy
08 - Don't Keep Me Hanging On
09 - Station Strut
10 - I Soon Found Out
11 - Hold On To Me
12 - My My My


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