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Nyitólap » 2015 » Augusztus/August » 9 » Ironing Board Sam - Going Up (2011) Music Maker
Ironing Board Sam - Going Up (2011) Music Maker
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Kategória: Blues | Megtekintések száma: 332 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1

Ironing Board Sam (born 1939) is an American electric blues keyboardist, singer and songwriter.
Music Maker is happy to present our first release from artist Ironing Board Sam. Going Up is a product of more than 55 years of blues experience; the 13-track album features Sam's return to his early solo piano and vocal roots.
Ironing Board Sam is a charismatic singer, songwriter and piano player and a true original in blues music. Sam earned his nickname in the late 1950s after inventing his "button board," a homemade and portable keyboard mounted on an ironing board. After showcasing his button board in Memphis, Sam was dubbed Ironing Board Sam for his unique invention.
Ironing Board Sam is an all-but-forgotten gem from the seventies, a complete showman who once — during a 1979 date at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival — performed while inside a 1,500-gallon tank of water. Earlier runs through the chitlin’ circuit found Sam fronting a band that included a young Jimi Hendrix. He has recorded for the Atlantic, Orleans and Holiday Inn labels.
Yet Ironing Board Sam remained largely forgotten, having moved to the Carolinas after Hurricane Katrina, until the belated release in 2011 of the all-new "Going Up" and then last year of a lost 1970s-era album called "Ninth Wonder of the World of Music" — a sudden uptick that then helped him to 2012 comeback honors from Living Blues magazine
The Music Maker Relief Foundation, based out of North Carolina, has been doing yeoman’s work for nearly 20 years now in finding previously obscure traditional American musicians living in poverty, and then helping to jump start their careers. Hard on the heels of Guitar Lightning Lee and Little Freddie King, Ironing Board Sam is another terrific find.

1. Life Is Like a Seesaw 2:38
2. (Come On) Let's Boogie 2:23
3. Why I Sing the Blues 4:16
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 3:33
5. Don't Worry About Me 2:50
6. Cherry Pie 3:53
7. Skinny Woman 3:38
8. Self Rising Flour 5:31
9. Orleans Party 2:31
10. Come to Mardi Gras 3:32
11. Heaven, Please Send Me 4:25
12. Tallahassee Bridge (Billy Joe) 6:04
13. In the Mood for Love 2:22


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