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Nyitólap » 2016 » Augusztus/August » 18 » Levee Town - Takin' & Givin' (2016) Author's Edition
Levee Town - Takin' & Givin' (2016) Author's Edition
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Kategória: Blues-rock | Megtekintések száma: 350 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1

Levee Town is a hot rockin’ Americana trio out of Kansas City.
The beat is supplied by Adam Hagerman.  A pro drummer in every sense of the word, skilled in a wide variety of rythmic styles he has honed his craft on the road and in the studio, bringing a fresh energy to the bandstand each and every night!
Jacque Garoutte multi-instrumentalist arranger and producer fills in the bass with years of musical experience. From Miami Oklahoma, Jacque lays down a deep strong bass line, supplies quite bit of energy onstage, and sings with a smooth single malt voice.
While growing up in central Oklahoma, Brandon Hudspeth saw Johnny Cash on Sesame Street and had to start pickin’ on guitars. As he sings, he rings the neck of his wide body Gibson like its a Flying Vee dipped in gasoline. 
Brandon, Jacque and Adam are the core of the tracks, add our old pal Jimmie Meade on harmonica to the mix and Jaisson Taylor singing a couple of Brandon’s tunes, things are really shaping up! And the addition of the two keyboard players just sweeten the party.
The one and only Annie P. Annie Walser, one of Jacque’s lifelong musical compadres takes us to the country with her own unique Okie bred style of ticklin’ the Ivories. Turning it up a notch, we decided to call in one of KC’s finest, Chris Hazelton takes us uptown and downtown with his great Hammond B3 chops!

1. Takin' & Givin' 3:20
2. High Flyin' Mama 5:06
3. Kansas City Women 5:18
4. Mr. Jameson 2:53
5. Walkin' Down The Road 3:46
6. You're So Hip 3:14
7. I'm A Damn Good Time 5:41
8. Charlie Brown 3:57
9. I'm Gone 4:06
10. Sunday Afternoon 4:43
11. Letter To My Baby 2:29
12. Do-Si-Do 5:22
13. Every Day & Every Night 4:19
14. El Grape 2:55

Brandon Hudspeth - Guitars, Vocals
Jacque Garoutte - Bass, Vocals
Adam Hagerman - Drums


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