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Nyitólap » 2015 » Március/March » 9 » Lonnie Youngblood - Two Great Experiences Together (featuring Jimi Hendrix) (1971/2003) BMG
Lonnie Youngblood - Two Great Experiences Together (featuring Jimi Hendrix) (1971/2003) BMG
MP3/320 Kb/s
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Kategória: Rock | Megtekintések száma: 773 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 2

Lonnie Thomas (born August 3, 1941 in Augusta, Georgia), known as Lonnie Youngblood, is an American saxophonist and bandleader best remembered for playing with Jimi Hendrix.
The story:
There isn't much doubt that Jimi Hendrix will be recorded in history as a great musical genius, one whose influence is far-reaching. I've often imagined that classical music historians would love to be able to interview associates of Beethoven; right now, while Jimi's friends and colleagues are still with us, we have the chance to record facts about Jimi from such firsthand interviews. Jimi's very first recorded sessions took place with saxophonist/vocalist Lonnie Youngblood, but in the mid-1990s not much was known for certain about the sessions. Speculation was that the sessions took place in Philadelphia in 1963, but no one was sure beyond a doubt. The Youngblood sessions remained shrouded in mystery, released and recycled on countless releases (like the 'Two Great Experiences Together' album, with a photo of Jimi and Lonnie jamming in 1969 in New York). Then, in 1996, a lengthy search paid off when I was able to track down Lonnie in Harlem. Over the following weeks of conversation Lonnie filled in details of his own career and offered his recollections of the historic Hendrix sessions.

Track listing: 
1. Mother, Mother
2. Under The Table (Take 1)
3. Under The Table (Take 2)
4. Wipe The Sweat (Take 1)
5. Wipe The Sweat (Take 2)
6. Wipe The Sweat (Take 3)
7. Go Go Shoes
8. Go Go Place
9. Soul Food
10. Goodbye Bessie Mae
11. Sweet Thing
12. Groove Maker (Take 1)
13. Groove Maker (Take 2)
14. She's A Fox
15. Go Go Shoes (Single, 1966 Fairmount Records)
16. Go Go Place (Single,1966 Fairmount Records)
17. Soul Food (Single, 1967 Fairmount Records)
18. Goodbye Bessie Mae (Single, 1967 Fairmount Records)


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