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Nyitólap » 2016 » Október/October » 7 » Louis Van Dyke - Louis Van Dyke Plays Lennon - McCartney (1970/1989) Sony/Columbia
Louis Van Dyke - Louis Van Dyke Plays Lennon - McCartney (1970/1989) Sony/Columbia
320 kb/s
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Louis van Dijk, also spelled Louis van Dyke (born 27 November 1941 in Amsterdam, North Holland), is a Dutch pianist. Van Dijk studied solo piano at the Amsterdam Conservatorium. 9 songs by the Beatles, Louis Van Dyke performed at the Flentrop Organ in the Netherlands Reformed Chuch at Loenen a.d. Vecht. The opening medley "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight", sets the tone for what is to follow: a beautiful arrangement, reminiscent of Bach in its external presentation, but never losing the essence of the original melodies and building on them to produce greater emotional weight and beauty as the music unfolds. How this is achieved on a single instrument is a marvel and credit must be given not only to the reverence with which Van Dyke treats his material but how he builds the structural layers of his arrangements to enhance the overall expression.
Some of the registration choices are uncannily apt such as that which begins "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and it is impossible not to react at the recognition of the melody treated with such carefully selected timbres. This is only part of the actual musical content of the arrangements whose inventiveness is satisfying in each selection. Van Dyke has brought a freshness and even purity without cliches of similar attempts to make popular music sound Classical and vice versa. CD Org 1988 Pop Shop Pressing.

1. Golden Slumbers and Carry That Weight 5:30
2. She's Leaving Home 4:13
3. For No One 3:06
4. Eleanor Rigby 5:38
5. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 4:59
6. Hey Jude 4:41
7. Goodnight 6:28
8. Blackbird 3:06
9. Nowhere Man 1:46

Louis van Dyke at the Flentrop Organ
Luc Ludolph - engineer


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