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Nyitólap » 2015 » Június/June » 19 » Michael Brook - Live At The Aquarium: London Zoo 21 May 1992 (1992) 4AD
Michael Brook - Live At The Aquarium: London Zoo 21 May 1992 (1992) 4AD

FLAC / 320 kb/s
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Kategória: Electronic music | Megtekintések száma: 555 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 3
Having an album release party in the London Zoo's Aquarium, where the emphasis would no doubt be on stillness, hush and the haunting beauty of the deep, just suits most 4AD label releases to begin with. Given that Brook is known for his mysterious, spare guitar work makes this record of the solo concert he gave there upon the appearance of Cobalt Blue all that more appropriate. Reproducing much of the content of that album but in a different running order, Aquarium consists solely of Brook, his guitar and preset synth/rhythm patterns. The result is quite fascinating; whether a listener thinks that the more stripped-down overall sound of the songs here works better as a result or prefers the generally lusher textures of the studio release must ultimately be up to individual judgment. What is beyond question is the skill Brook uses on his instrument, which, thankfully, never transforms into pointless showing off. Those used to his 'infinite guitar' sounds thanks to the likes of U2 might well be surprised at the understated serenity of the performance. Even the most specifically Edge-sounding number, "Ultramarine," sounds more like a calm run-through of one of the Irish musician's pieces instead of a full-on rock-out. The medley of "After Image/Urbana" is an excellent all-around showcase. The first song consists of low E-bow-tinged guitar lines, quite relaxed and soothing all around, while the second is initially all down to just soft strums and a buried rhythm loop. When the song's main melody begins, Brook's performance is at once heartwrenching and soaring, then further supplemented by the increased rhythm punch from his keyboard set-up. If one standout has to be selected, the majestic version of "Lakbossa" is the clear winner. Brook's utterly compelling work is simply jawdropping, tender and as big as all outdoors at once. ~ AllMusic Review by Ned Raggett


01 - Shona Bridge
02 - After Image / Urbana
03 - Andean
04 - Ultramarine
05 - Lakbossa
06 - Cascade
07 - Red Shift


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