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Nyitólap » 2016 » Május/May » 2 » Nicolas Horvath - Glassworlds Vol.2 (2015) Grand Piano
Nicolas Horvath - Glassworlds Vol.2 (2015) Grand Piano
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Kategória: Klasszikus / Classical | Megtekintések száma: 295 | Hozzáadta: dali300
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Following the enormous success of, and critical superlatives tossed like bouquets of roses at Glassworlds 1 (Grand Piano 677), Glassworlds 2, featuring Philip Glass's 20 Etudes for solo piano, is now available and primed for a similar, or even more enthusiastic reception. Nicolas Horvath gave the world premiere performance of the complete cycle of Philip Glasss 20 Etudes at Carnegie Hall on 9 January 2015. Recognized at once as a great interpreter of Liszts music, Nicolas Horvath became in recent years one of the most sought after pianists of his generation. Holder of a number of awards, including First Prize of the Scriabin and the Luigi Nono Intl Competitions, he frequently organizes events and concerts of unusual length, some lasting in excess of 12 hours, such as Philip Glass complete piano music or Erik Saties Vexations. Composers from many countries have written works for him. Alongside his career as an international virtuoso, Nicolas Horvath is also a composer, his aesthetic in his creative work music being one of great inclusivity. a prodigious pianist.
Horvath should be recognized as a pianist capable of bringing rich expressiveness to Glass' music without compromising "the letter of the text," so to speak. If the etudes were initially conceived primarily for technical proficiency, Horvath has found a way to endow them with a far more subjective approach that frequently borders on the visceral.


01. Etude No.1 (03:33)
02. Etude No.2 (03:03)
03. Etude No.3 (03:53)
04. Etude No.4 (03:27)
05. Etude No.5 (04:19)
06. Etude No.6 (03:15)
07. Etude No.7 (03:51)
08. Etude No.8 (05:43)
09. Etude No.9 (02:11)
10. Etude No.10 (05:18)
11. Etude No.11 (04:02)
12. Etude No.12 (04:29)
13. Etude No.13 (03:23)
14. Etude No.14 (03:34)
15. Etude No.15 (03:07)
16. Etude No.16 (04:59)
17. Etude No.17 (06:14)
18. Etude No.18 (03:13)
19. Etude No.19 (05:02)
20. Etude No.20 (06:40) 


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