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Nyitólap » 2015 » Október/October » 17 » Peter Garstenauer Band - Ain't That Blues (1995) Wolf Records
Peter Garstenauer Band - Ain't That Blues (1995) Wolf Records

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Kategória: Blues | Megtekintések száma: 526 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 2
Peter Garstenauer was born in Austria on February 8, 1965. He began playing the guitar at th age of 14. One year later, he founded with two schoolmates his first band, The Rhythm Gangsters. The boys from Upper-Austria started playing the Blues, and music styles related to the Blues. Since this kind of music is not part of the country's musical traditions, the young band encountered many obstacles, some in form of well intentioned advice from commercially oriented musicians. Often, they were not taken seriously, or envied their talent. Peter Garstenauer, however, continued steadfastly to pursue his interest, and proved to be a passionate guitarist. He was mainly influenced by Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Playing the Blues was no longer just a pastime for Peter, it became antidote to everyday problems, a means to bring order to the chaos within and to freely express his feelings......The same year (1994) they signed a recording contract with Wolf Records in Vienna for their new studio recording, which has just been released. The new CD, "Ain't That Blues", features a cult figure from Texas, guitarist Bugs Henderson. During Henderson's European tour in September/October 1994, The Living Guitar Legend From Texas was able to hear the Peter Garstenauer Band in concert, and spontaneously agreed to be part of their latest CD, "Ain't That Blues". Peter's mastery of the guitar caused Henderson to call him up on stage at a concert in Kufstein, Austria, to first blast a killer version of "Tore Down" through their emplifiers, then, to settle down into the mellow groove of a slow blues."


01 - Shuffle Time
02 - Slow Blow
03 - Purple Haze
04 - Too Much Sugar
05 - I'm Your Hoochie Man
06 - Slide To The Bone
07 - No Doubt
08 - Nothing To Say
09 - Hi-Heel Sneakers
10 - 29 Ways
11 - Rollin' Stone
12 - Nine Below Zero


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