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Nyitólap » 2015 » Április/April » 7 » Roxanne Potvin ‎– No Love For The Poisonous (2008) Alert Music Inc.
Roxanne Potvin ‎– No Love For The Poisonous (2008) Alert Music Inc.

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Kategória: Folk-rock | Megtekintések száma: 515 | Hozzáadta: larryz
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
This recording is a major progression for the young Toronto-based artist. Recognized for her powerful, soulful singing and bluesy guitar chops, Potvin’s songwriting has matured since 2006’s The Way I Feel. The new songs are insightful glimpses into Potvin’s thinking process. Their substance is sombre, revealing an artist who’s questioning assumptions, heard in the gospel pop of "Laws of Nature,” or disappointment, singing, "I see no weapons drawn, no guns against your head, but you run, you sweat, you’re short of breath, and you swear on your life it’s true,” in the rootsy "Who’s The Enemy.” This CD’s strength is its varied approach, the songs’ serious nature often contrasting with their musical setting. A good example is "Paralyzed,” a bouncy ’60s girl group pop frolic juxtaposed with Potvin singing, "I can’t move, I can’t breathe, I’m scared of my own fear on this quest for truth and happiness.” FemBots’ Dave Mackinnon produced, successfully harnessing Potvin’s desire to experiment and broaden her musical palette. While the blues references are still here, this recording could easily sit next to recordings by Emily Haines or Feist. Being honest in public can be risky but Potvin has turned her misgivings into a thoughtful, poetic musical statement. - By David Barnard (


01 - The Real Truth
02 - Perfect Day
03 - Iron And Solder
04 - Who's The Enemy
05 - Je T'aime
06 - Paralyzed
07 - No Love For The Poisonous
08 - Here With Me
09 - Laws Of Nature
10 - Dig Deeper
11 - The Puzzle
12 - Wilting Flower


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