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Nyitólap » 2015 » Április/April » 11 » Shiloh - Shiloh (1970/2014) Big Pink
Shiloh - Shiloh (1970/2014) Big Pink
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Kategória: Rock | Megtekintések száma: 523 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
In the  mid sixties Richard Bowden, Don Henley, Jerry Surratt and Freddie Neese formed a band called the Four Spreeds. Freddy Neese replaced by Joey Brown and they change their name to Felicity around 1965, In 1969 Joey Brown left Felicity and Richard Bowden took over the guitar duties from him. Mike Bowden, the cousin of Richard Bowden came in to play the bass.
Shiloh had been formed at a time, when the members were still at college. When they were out of college they were in the lucky situation that the popularity of their group already was big enough to earn a living out of music. They were able to concentrate on writing and performing. In 1969 they met Kenny Rogers, who encouraged them to go to Los Angeles. There they recorded an album, which was produced by Kenny Rogers. Out of the recording sessions they released two singles. The first single, presenting two tracks that were not included on the later album, was a regional hit but the album and the second single were unnoticed by the record buying public.

1. Simple Little Down Home Rock & Roll Love Song For Rosie 3:30
2. I'm Gone 4:53
3. Left My Gal In The Mountains 3:10
4. It's About Time 2:06
5. Swamp River Country 5:12
6. Railroad Song- 4:00
7. Same Old Story 2:38
8. Du Raison 3:13
9. Down On The Farm 2:22
10. God Is Where You Find Him 5:53

- Richard Bowden - acoustic & electric guitars, lead vocals (4,8)
- Al Perkins - steel guitar, electric guitar
- Jim Norman - organ, piano, acoustic guitar
- Mike Bowden - bass
- Don Henley - drums, lead vocals (1-3,5-7,10)
- The Linden Philharmonic Orchestra - strings


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