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Nyitólap » 2017 » Május/May » 5 » The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums A Go-Go (1965/2007) Air Mail Archive
The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums A Go-Go (1965/2007) Air Mail Archive
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Kategória: Rock | Megtekintések száma: 214 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1
Frank Zappa hooked up with head Hollywood Persuader Paul Buff sometime in the very early 60s when Buff was running PAL studios in Cucamonga. Round about 1963 or 64 Buff vacated PAL studios and more or less handed them over to Zappa who renamed them Studio Z. Zappa was eventually busted in those studios, entrapped into making a dirty tape for an undercover cop.... but that, as they say, is another story. Zappa always acknowledged the enormous debt he owed Buff for getting him started in the recording business. Pal was also the training ground for a young Frank Zappa who worked at the studio starting in 1961. Zappa learned basic recording techniques at Pal. He recorded his first rock n' roll record, "Breaktime", by The Masters, which consisted of himself, Paul Buff, and Ronnie Williams. In 1964, Zappa bought the studio and renamed it Studio Z. Zappa lived at the studio building for a few months before it was closed in 1965. The building had to be torn down in order to widen North Archibald Avenue. Original Sound studios were based at 7120 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood.

1.Drums A-Go-Go 2:21
2.Last Night 2:16
3.Forget It 2:06
4.Thunderbird 2:16
5.Eve Of Destruction 2:13
6.Tijuana 2:19
7.Satisfaction 2:05
8.Hollywood A-Go-Go 2:00
9.Rush Street 2:06
10.Persuasion 1:59
11.Sunset Strip 2:32
12.North Beach 2:24
13.Grunion Run 2:23
14.Juarez 1:49
15.Agua Caliente 2:11
16.Drums 2:19
17.Yes, I Want To Dance 1:51

Track 1 to 12 original Sound of album, Drums A Go-Go in 1965.
Track 13 is B-side of a single, original Sound 39 in 1963.
Track 14 is A-side of a single, original Sound 44 in 1964.
Track 15 is B-side of a single, original Sound 50 in 1964.
Tracks 16 & 17 were recorded in 1964, but never officially released.


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