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Nyitólap » 2015 » Október/October » 4 » The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Mississippi Hill Country (2013) Copyright Edition
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band - Mississippi Hill Country (2013) Copyright Edition
MP3/320 Kb/s
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Kategória: Blues | Megtekintések száma: 420 | Hozzáadta: Gledix
Hozzászólások összesen: 1

The local music scene in Tupelo, Mississippi, has received a new addition to its network of talented artists with a young family band excelling in the genre of blues. Homemade Jamz Blue Band, consisting of Ryan (guitar/vocals), Kyle (bass) and Taya (drums), captivates listeners with irresistibly catchy and modern compilations of folk music. From their quirky collection of instruments,assembled with auto mufflers, to their unforgettably soulful aura, the Homemade Jamz Blues Band is one group not to overlook.
Having released their debut album Pay Me No Mind on Northern Blues in 2008, the trio successfully became one of the most talked about groups in the blues scene. Inspired by renowned acts like B.B. King, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Homemade Jamz Blue Band impressed scores of music critics at the 2007 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where the group placed second among 100 other bands. With a new album, Mississippi Hill Country set for release on May 15, 2013, the winners of "Band or Combo of the Year" at Ju's Blues Music Award will delight music lovers in Philadelphia with a special Free At Noon performance on Thursday, May 16, 2013 during the NonCOMMvention!

1. Buy One Get One Free
2. Red Eye Flight
3. Heartless
4. Times Are Changing
5. Nothing Stays The Same
6. Let You Go
7. Mississippi Hill Country
8. If Home Is Where The Heart Is
9. So Many Tears
10. Ain't No Sunshine
11. Doing My Thing
12. Hooks
13. Love Doctor (Acoustic)


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