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Nyitólap » 2014 » Augusztus/August » 7 » Poogie Bell Band - Get On The Kit (2006) Yuji Sound Records
Poogie Bell Band - Get On The Kit (2006) Yuji Sound Records

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Kategória: Jazz | Megtekintések száma: 770 | Hozzáadta: gykrantz
Hozzászólások összesen: 2
1 Levin  
Poogie Bell (született Charles Bell jr. 1961. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) amerikai jazz dobos, zeneszerző, bandavezér és producer a modern városi jazz címkével ellátott műfaj egyik jeles képviselője.

Lemezéért Gykantz barátunkat illeti köszönet.

A számok:
01. Hi There [0:18]
02. Dark & Happy [6:09]
03. Breezewood [4:21]
04. Jamestown [5:22]
05. Oh No! [0:27]
06. Adolescence [6:29]
07. Pay Attention! [6:33]
08. Creepin' [5:02]
09. Knickerbocker Bling [5:16]
10. Funky Helmet [7:31]
11. D's Crib [4:54]
12. The Natural [0:30]
13. Our Bedtime Story [5:34]
14. Twilight [2:04]

A Poogie Bell Band tagjai a lemez felvételeinek készítésekor: Poogie Bell - drums, percussion, computer vocals; Marcus Miller - bass; Wah Wah Watson - guitar; Bernard Wright - synths; Kevin Barefoot - bass; Dean Brown - guitar; Tony Campbell - alto sax; Ian Gordon - trumpet, flugelhorn; Juan Vasquez - guitar, vocals; Howie Alexander - Fender Rhodes, keyboards; Reggie Watkins - trombone; Bobby Sparks - organ, clavinet; Keith Anderson - alto and tenor saxes; Jacob Yoffee - tenor sax; Chris Parker - guitar; Luke Williams - acoustic guitar; Andrew Morse - guitar; Eric Dan - turntables; Jeron Lammont - turntables


2 gykrantz  
Even if you have never heard of Poogie Bell, you are most definitely familiar with his work and music. The fact remains that this man behind
the drum kit has laid down beats and rhythms for a myriad of clientele
that reads more like a 'Who's Who' list in the music industry. Artists
across the widest variety of music genres such as Marcus Miller, David
Bowie, Chaka Khan, John Scofield, Vanessa Williams, Victor Wooten,
Roberta Flack, Joe Sample, Al Jarreau, David Sanborn, Erykah Badu,
Stanley Clarke, Angelique Kidjo, Randy Crawford, and Stanley Turrentine,
have relied on Poogie's unique syncopated rhythms and ultra-tight
grooves as the backbone for many an album.

Armed with an impressive musical resume and infectious rhythms, Poogie Bell pushes the
boundaries of jazz, jam rock and funk into the stratosphere. Offering
up head bobbing, body moving beats that will get you moving in the car,
streets, or any concert venue, he commands the kit with a virtuosic
prowess. Poogie's unique blend of jazz, funk, jam, and soul creates a
style that is all his own. On Get On the Kit Poogie and company prove
that not only can he lay down the most groovisious rhythms, but that he
can compose music that will get you on your feet in a hurry.

Joining Poogie on this amazing CD are fellow groove masters, Marcus Miller, who
also co produced, Ian Gordon, Tony Campbell, Reggie Watkins, Kevin
Barefoot, Juan Vasquez, Howie Alexander, along with Wah Wah Watson, Dean
Brown, Bobby Sparks, Keith Anderson, Jacob Toffee, Chris Parker, Luke
Williams, Eric Dan, & DJ Muggy. Also, not featured on any other
release but this, are amazing versions of Maurice White and Earth, Wind
and Fire's "Shining Star", and Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing". --

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